Wedding DJ - DJ Rubin – Igor Rubinchik We would like to thank you ...

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Wedding DJ - DJ Rubin – Igor Rubinchik We would like to thank you for your professionalism and talent. Thank you for being so helpful and attentive during the planning and on our wedding day (in Chateau Margaux) . The time we spent with you, planning and discussing our musical tastes was obviously taken on board by you. You really captured exactly what we were looking for. You recommended us a brilliant saxophonist, who played throughout our wedding reception. At our wedding, you did a fantastic job of keeping the guests dancing, setting the perfect mood with the right mix of songs, as well as playing our personal favorites and anticipating songs we would like. Thank you for your expert advice that pushed my husband to take dance lessons in the lead up to our wedding and impress the audience with our amazing wedding dance. Your friendly support and professionalism surpassed all our expectations. You are the Best! With All of Our Love, Lia and Gennadi Schneider
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