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"My husband Adi and I got married in Tel Aviv in Septem..."

חוות דעת 1 מתוך 70 על אודרוב מיוזיק - Udrub music

100 / 100

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My husband Adi and I got married in Tel Aviv in September 2015 and Chen and Noa played at our wedding. I cannot recommend them enough! From the first point of contact they were so professional and easy to work with. They were incredibly collaborative and helpful throughout the whole process of the music for the wedding and they really listened to us and built a playlist based on our vision for the day. We live in Sweden and we had a real mix of guests, from my husband's friends and family from Israel to Swedes, Brits and Italians. Everyone had a blast! Chen and Noa read the crowd so well and the dance floor was packed from 8pm until the party finished at 3am (and this during a heat wave!) I don’t know quite how they did it but they managed to play music that appealed to every guest, old and young, for the entire evening. So many of our friends have specifically told us how great the music was and I danced so much that my shoes were completely ruined! We arrived in Tel Aviv two weeks before the wedding and had a really busy and stressful week sorting out all the last bits before the party. We met up with Chen and Noa the week before to go through the last details and were delighted to realise that they had already taken care of all the details surrounding the music. They had contacted the venue, set everything up and had been to look over the space. They are so organised and reliable. Also, after the wedding they sent us a playlist with all the songs that they played during the day and night. Such a treat! Chen and Noa really made our wedding the perfect day and we cannot thank them enough. I would recommend them to anyone! They are professional, talented and really know their music. Thanks again Chen and Noa! Lots of love, Josefin and Adi עוד  

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