When we were looking for a DJ for our wedding, we knew it has to be a ...

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When we were looking for a DJ for our wedding, we knew it has to be a trustworthy, responsible, experienced and talented person with a sense of style. That is why we've chosen DJ Swed. DJ Swed made us feel very comfortable right on the first meeting and he did everything to get to know us very well and to understand our tastes in music. He has created an unforgettable dance atmosphere for our guests of all ages. The event garden we've chosen to celebrate our wedding was missing a proper disco lighting, so DJ Swed has found an amazing solution for our problem - he provided a very beautiful audio visual equipment for our dance floor and we didn't have to worry about it anymore. So if you are looking for a DJ who will make your wedding full of life and a great success, we highly !recommend DJ Swed! Thank you so much for your amazing work
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תאריך קבלת השירות: 22/10/15
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Thank you very much Lera & Sayad! I had a wonderfull time playing at your wedding!
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