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"To anyone who is getting married and wants the most be..."

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To anyone who is getting married and wants the most beautiful dress ever made: Go to Rafaela. She is extremely professional on the one hand--efficient, ...experienced, and will never poke you with her needle--and completely warm and comfortable on the other. She will make you feel warm and at home in her studio. She is extremely talented and creative with a flawless eye for detail. She basically sewed the dress while it was on my body to create the perfect fit, had endless patience for my worries and trouble making decisions, and knew immediately exactly what i wanted and how to make it happen, and gentle suggestions for improvement. Rafi is a truly one of a kind haut couture dress designer and creator. THANK YOU RAFI!!!!!!!! Davida Newman & Erez Abiri Limon, Kibbutz Einat 25/1/2015 הצג עוד  
תאריך קבלת השירות: 25/01/15
אהבתי: Extremely professional. Incredible tact.
לא אהבתי: Nothing.
מחיר: 6,300 ₪

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