The event planner the night of the event was great. Food and venue ...

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The event planner the night of the event was great. Food and venue were amazing. There are three levels, which is a nice way to split up guests. The top level is very quiet which is great most of the time, but during speeches, etc. those guests don't know what is going on. Everyone loved the food and the setting. There was plenty of room and enough buffets for everyone. There are only 2 fans on the dance floor, so some people were hot. The zoolot were very nice and quiet (but again, people couldn't hear speeches). We would definitely get married here again! We did not like the iPLAN interface for entering seating arrangements. There were also a few details (eg. diet coke in addition to zero) that were forgotten, but to my surprise, they were taken care of during the event (someone went out to buy coke). Something small that bothered us was that when some guests left early, staff began cleaning up tables. This made some guests feel rushed to leave as well. It would have been nice if clean-up didn't begin until the end of the event as set by the time in the contract,
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