Mypic was wonderful! They were professional, responsive, and ...

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Mypic was wonderful! They were professional, responsive, and friendly. We wanted a particular image and font on our magnet prints and they were willing to download the special font package and use the image. We were also so happy when we woke up the morning after the wedding to all of the digital files of the pictures taken at our wedding! It was so much quicker than we expected and we were so pleased with how wonderful the pictures looked. It was also nice to realize that they managed to take some pictures of us without us asking (because realistically, there's so much going on and so many people to pay attention to that you sort of forget to take advantage of the things you provided at your own wedding...). They also offered to print extra magnets of images I wanted after the wedding (correctly assuming that I hadn't been able to get copies of the pictures on the night of the wedding), which was much appreciated. Would absolutely recommend!
לא אהבתי אצל העסק: Would have wanted even more pictures of us to be taken without us knowing about it :)
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