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"We had an amazing time with Noa and Chen! Already the ..."

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100 / 100

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מבקר מתחיל כתב חוות דעת אחת
We had an amazing time with Noa and Chen! Already the preparations before the wedding were very smooth and friendly, they did a real effort to understand what we want. Their music at the wedding was beyond anything we expected. The atmosphere was phenomenal, the croud wouln't stop dancing. Noa and C...hen felt exactly what was the right song at the right timel and they where a huge part of our amazing wedding celebrations. We wouldl recommend them 100% anytime! עוד  
Very personal, amazing feel for the atmoshpere on the dancefloor. Everyone, all ages, had an amazing time.
There is nothing I didn't like working with Noa and Chen.

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