We celebrated our wedding at Lalus in September. We arrived to see ...

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We celebrated our wedding at Lalus in September. We arrived to see the place very in advance (in February) from Munich and didn't have to go see the other locations because we at once loved it smile emoticon:). What we liked even more is that we met a very nice and reliable designer, well basically our event manager, Ayalah. She took care of every small detail! And from our first meeting we understood that she cares a lot and is a very reliable person. She has a great time management and is very creative. Thanks to her we had a beautiful event and we loved every moment of it! The location itself is nicely decorated. If you do wedding in the evening/night, Ayalah makes a lot of efforts decorating it with different candles etc. Which looks super romantic and cosy. The chupa area on the gras is very nice too and all the event on the open air a great thing. So we can only highly recommend this location! Especially when your creative event manager is Ayalah wink emoticon;) Grateful, Tanya and Or smile emoticon
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