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WATCH OUT ! EVERY CUSTOMER GETS DIFFERENT PRICE!!! WATCH OUT ! I had a really bad experience with this place. The first time I walked into the store it was because I had a question about a diamond I was willing to sell, I ended up keeping the diamond and buying something else. One of the sellers (Da...niel) sold me a very expensive black Diamond chain. After a "discount" the price was $1600, yes $$ not ₪₪. I live in the USA so as I was very excited going back home with a nice black diamond chain. 2 months later, The chain broke while I was taking a shower, I was disappointed that after 2 months the chain just broke but I was patient and was waiting to go back home for another trip, to go back to the store so they will be able to fix it. About a month later I went back home and first place I went to was this store. The sale representative was nice as always and said he will get it fixed within 3 days and so happned. After they fixed it I was thinking to myself that the chain is very sensitive and I decided to wear it only for special events without sleeping or getting into the shower with it. So I wore it maybe 5 times since they fixed it the first time. The 6th time I put it on it broke after two hours without me doing anything to brake it. Luckily it happned while I was in Israel for another trip (5 days ago) I drove to the store and told Asher the story. When I explained him how disappointed I am, He offered me another diamond chain with a ticker wire, I told him that I don't like it and I totally lost confidence in doing any bussines with him and willing to get my money back. Then he walked into the office and spoke to the owner, 2 minutes later he came back and offered me a refund for $1300, $300 less because I wore it for a few months, OK whatever!!! Before giving me my money back he asked for the invoice, I left the invoice & certificate in the USA because I did not plan to have my diamond chain brake again and return it so I asked him "don't you remember how much you sold it for?" Then his answer was "every customer getting different prices" REALLY?????????????????????? I told him that now I understand how they work, the selling jewelry and getting paid by the commission which kind of ok but as a bussines owner I would never say something like that to any customer. When I become a bit louder because they really pissed me off, The owner stepped out of his office and told Asher not to argue anymore and refund my money back and so he did. (He did it ONLY because he had more clients in the store and did not want them to hear everything) When he handed my money back it was in Israeli Shekels and I told him that I paid with dollars and that's what im willing to get, of course he was "out" dollars so I had to take a Shekels back. The Bottom line is I paid $1600 and a few months later I got ₪5000, it's about $319 less. Not to mention that everytime I drove there was about 1 hour round trip driving from the place I'm staying in israel. I would NOT recommend this place and won't go there ever again עוד  

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