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"הייתי ממש מואשרת, אהבתי לעבוד עם הצוות, תמיד שהגעתי לש..."

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הייתי ממש מואשרת, אהבתי לעבוד עם הצוות, תמיד שהגעתי לשם הייתי לבד וקבלתי את השרות שציפיתי. Excellent quality, custom made dress. The team are wonderful work with and make you feel special and very at home when you are there. They are extremely reliable, everything was ready in time and they were never not ready for any of my appointments. The team really understand quickly what it is that you are looking for also and this is important, they want you to be happy. Highly recommend. הצג עוד  

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