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"I want to share with you our wedding experience at THE..."

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I want to share with you our wedding experience at THE ONE. I am an American and my husband is Israeli. To tell you the truth we were very worried about planning a wedding overseas. Myself, not being familiar with the language and with little understanding of a traditional Israeli Wedding, you can s...ay I was a little nervous. Five months ago we got engaged in Israel and decided while we were here we would start researching different wedding venues. Because we had a more intimate wedding (150 guests) we weren't looking for a small place but not too big either. We visited a few venues but as we went to each place it started to feel overwhelming, some places were too big and others too small, some places tried to give the illusion of a more intimate affair but you lost the beauty of the atmosphere. Others were nice but just didn’t have that Wedding WOW. Just when we were about to give up, we found THE ONE. We started to ask our friends their opinion and all we heard were amazing reviews. They went on about how accommodating and how great the staff was. They wouldn't stop talking about the food, bar, DJ and more. They couldn’t be more right. The entire staff was more than professional and warm, there are no words to describe how helpful and amazing Ilan and Fabiana were from the moment we walked into their office. They always made us feel like we were part of the family. The food was incredible, The DJ never stopped, and the dance floor was always full. We would like to thank everyone involved at THE ONE who made our wedding a dream come true. Special thanks to Fabiana Abramovich who helped plan the wedding, Event Manager Chanon Ailiigoiib who can run an event with no interference, Chef Shlomi Peretz for his amazing food, breathtaking Design&Flowers by Toar, DJ Nissim with his never ending energy, Owner Talal Dahari who was always there at just the right moment to save the day, CEO Ilan Azaria who gave us more than 100% and made sure everything went smoothly from beginning to end, and !to anyone else who made our night go off without a bang Thank you!Thank you! Thank You!!! Idan and Miriam Giladi עוד  
Professional, Warm,Amazing Food
more than fair

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