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"We would like to highly recommend the talented DJ Lira..."

חוות דעת 1 מתוך 532 על לירן אליאס | יויו | Liran Elias | YOYO

100 / 100

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We would like to highly recommend the talented DJ Liran. Not only did he stick to the playlist of songs and catered to the international and varied playlist we requested (classic, jazz, blues, latin, flamenco, funk, 60s, pop) but built and worked on the themes that he knew we would like. He is a ver...y friendly, open and charming guy and nothing was too difficult or a bother for him. We felt very comfortable in his presence and liked his app whereby we listed all our music requests. His extra tips and recommendations were valuable and insightful. If only all DJs were like Liran! The guests really liked the music and we felt he created a great vibe throughout the night! עוד  

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