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"Tzur is so incredibly talented and the most fun and ca..."

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Tzur is so incredibly talented and the most fun and calming person to have at a wedding. Even before I saw the final product of the video (which was absolutely stunning and brought my whole family to tears) I recommended Tzur to all my friends getting married in Israel. From getting ready to the minutes of the party, Tzur was there to capture it all and look fun while he was doing it! I cannot recommend Tzur highly enough. He is a rare kind of person who is as special in person as he is at putting together a beautiful, polished, professional video that captured the very essence of the most special day of our lives. Thank you 100x Tzur! עוד  
תמונה מתוך חוות דעת על luma video goodies  צור ליבנה -  נכתבה על ידי Adina בתאריך 2017-04-24 18:21:20
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thanks so much Adina :) !i had a great time with you and your special & friendly family glad i made you all feel the excitement all over again

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