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"Or was my guardian angel of the entire wedding day. Sh..."

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100 / 100

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Or was my guardian angel of the entire wedding day. She was with me ALL day (from 12:00 - 24:00) and she calmed me. She felt like a dear friend holding my hand through a really formative day. I think that she is a talented makeup artist, and she was the perfect choice for me for various reasons. - F...irst, the airbrush makeup is amazing for skin with blemishes - it allowed me to feel confident and beautiful. - Second, her makeup did not make me feel like I was wearing a mask. It was light and allowed me to feel like myself and be myself. I think for a bride who wants to feel !!!beautiful but natural, Or is the person to do the makeup. The smartest thing I did for me perhaps in all of the wedding was asking Or to accompany me at the chuppah and wedding party. Seeing her in the bridal suite was calming for me, it allowed me to let go on the dance floor because "Well, Or will fix it!" and it made me feel comfortable and cared for. So much love and gratitude for Or. עוד  
her attitude, calm, and smile

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