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"My husband (Israeli) and I (American) got married in I..."

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My husband (Israeli) and I (American) got married in Israel in early 2017. It was an amazing experience, and if you are planning to do it, you will be so happy that you did. Ori was our DJ and I am SO glad that we found him! First, it was very important to me to have someone who spoke fluent English... so I could communicate exactly what I wanted to him. Ori spoke perfect English so no problem there. Second, my taste in music is probably not the standard Israeli’s taste in music – I wanted someone who understood the American standards, and not just the songs everyone knows, but the genre as a whole. I was so surprised and pleased with Ori’s really impressive knowledge of this type of music. (Before meeting Ori, we met with another DJ who just didn’t get it – he thought when I said Frank Sinatra, I wanted 70s disco. You will find some culture gaps like this with your vendors, but not with Ori.) Finally, and most important, Ori was a complete professional and did everything that a DJ is supposed to do: understood what we wanted and turned it into a soundtrack that kept everybody – and I mean EVERYBODY, 88 year old saftas included – dancing all night at our wedding. It was honestly magical to see a room full of people enjoying themselves so much, and we have Ori to thank for creating that beautiful energy at our wedding. It was the gift of a lifetime, and I truly appreciate how special he made that night for us. THANK YOU Ori!!!!! עוד  
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