Amiad - want to thank you so so much for your incredible work at our ...

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Amiad - want to thank you so so much for your incredible work at our recent wedding. You were simply an amazing amazing dj and Xsenia the violinist you organised for us was unbelievable. You both created the perfect vibe of romantic, elegant, sophisticated, party and fun - so much better than we could have imagined! Was such a pleasure working with you and your wonderful team - everyone was so helpful and Amiad catered the music to exactly how we wanted it and more! You really catered perfectly to the crowd Amiad! We received endless compliments on our dj and violinist and are so happy both you and Xsenia were part of our wedding! Amiad you played such perfect music - fun, lively, everyone had a good time and we catered to everyone's taste! You also were so patient with my last minute music requests for my slideshow - thank you! And Xsenia looked incredible and was so talented on the violin - thanks for organising. Such a talented professional and experienced team and we are so thankful! Thanks for everything Amiad, Xsenia, Maureen, Chagit and the rest of the wonderful team! 100% recommend!!! xoxoxox essie and yossef
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