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"Guys, What can I say about Hen and Trend54. Simply ama..."

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Guys, What can I say about Hen and Trend54. Simply amazing! I love magnet photos we receive from weddings, they're my favourite take home. Sometimes tho...ugh, it's hard to find the magnet guy, or there aren't many pics being printed etc. Not so here! Hen was at our wedding last week, he was so involved you'd have thought he was the only photographer we had. Professional, well dressed, involved with all of our guests and a gentleman! You'll be pleased to know he's also reasonably priced. MANY of our guest commented about him and the fantastic / numerous pictures he took! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking a magnet photographer for their event! The newly weds Daniel & Rachel Cohen הצג עוד  
תאריך קבלת השירות: 28-06-2017
אהבתי: Easy to work with, professional, reasonably priced and hard working.
מחיר: 1,600 ₪
הערות לגבי המחיר: Regular Price

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