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"Itamar Asner is the best DJ, hands down!! We came to g..."

חוות דעת 1 מתוך 741 על פאטקט - FATCAT DJ'S

100 / 100

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מבקר מתקדם כתב 3 חוות דעת
Itamar Asner is the best DJ, hands down!! We came to get married in Israel from California where we both live, so our first few meetings/talks were over the phone/video calls. We heard of Asner through a recommendation and he understood our vision completely and made us feel confident prior to the e...vent. He was spot on with everything he played at our wedding - it really felt like the soundtrack we envisioned and then later, on the dance floor, he really knew how to read the crowd! He gave us the best night of our lives! We are both musicians and we know the importance of the quality of the DJ and couldn't be more happy with our choice to go with Itamar!! Super sensitive and attentive guy with huge knowledge of music- thank you for everything!! עוד  
6,800 ₪

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