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"I got married in Jaffa and the venue recommended Alon...."

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I got married in Jaffa and the venue recommended Alon. He was enthusiastic and professional from the very start. He obviously wanted to make our special day even better and clearly understood the importance of music in this. He helped us design the ambiance of our entire event. On the day, he unders...tood perfectly the mood at any given time and kept the party going exactly how we wanted it without our intervention. We wouldn't have had as good a wedding without Alon and it was unforgettable! עוד  
We explained more or less what we wanted and Alon just intuitively got it. He was so much more than just a DJ for us, he was part of the party!
Let Alon go with his instincts. Trust him.
תמונה מתוך חוות דעת על אלון משה חי  |  DJ ALON -  נערכה על ידי Orie בתאריך 2019-06-04 01:47:43

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