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"Jazz & Tonic played in our wedding, in the kabalat pan..."

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Jazz & Tonic played in our wedding, in the kabalat panim and ceremony. They were simply amazing! We started planning with them on the music only a few weeks before the wedding and they were incredibly professional and always thoughtful of what we wanted - They sent videos of the rehearsal and made s...ure we felt relaxed knowing everything would be exactly as we imagined. The day of the wedding was magical for us and I have no doubt that part of that was thanks to Jazz & Tonic and their amazing music and talent :) So happy we decided to make them part of that day! עוד  
תמונה מתוך חוות דעת על Jazz & Tonic- הרכב ג'אז לאירועים -  נערכה על ידי Stefania בתאריך 2019-06-29 15:07:55

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