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"We can't say enough about how great Rav Zelmanovich is..."

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We can't say enough about how great Rav Zelmanovich is, and what a special and memorable expreience it has been to work with him before, during and afte...r our wedding.
My husband was not interested in an Orthodox wedding, and once we met the Rav he was so surprised and charmed, all his fears went away.
The process before the wedding was very intersting and informative, and helped us sort some issues and questions we had.
The ceramony itself was very beautiful, humours and full of pleasent surprises. There wasn't a dry tear in the audience, as everyone was touched and enjoyed the ceramony. So much so that ALL of the guests gathered around the Huppa to listen, and even left the buffet tables alone!
Rav Zelmanovich is a young, educated and worldly ,man and did not fit any of the negative sterotypes we expected.
Since we live Overseas, he was very hlepful and stayed in touch with us while sorting all the paper work and details. It was a very easy stress free experience.
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אהבתי: His genuine warmth, sense of humour, and knowing how to understand a situation quickly and cater to it.

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