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"Picking Ofer to DJ our wedding was the easiest and mos..."

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100 / 100

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Picking Ofer to DJ our wedding was the easiest and most stress free experience.
Actually he was the ONLY DJ we talked to.
We went to see him first, intending to meet other DJ's afterwards. But we were so impressed by what a great, easy going guy he was, and it was very clear that he was pr...ofessional and had a great music collection, that it was a simple descision.
And it turned out to be the right one! Ofer understood us complelty, he understood our guests and had almost everyone dancing at some point of the evening. Many of our parents friends danced half the night away, our friends danced the whole night, and no on complanined about how loud it was. It was a great night, and we re-live it everytime we watch our video and enjoy the soundtrack.
That he is professional and easy going. And his prices are very competitive.He showed up on time, knew what to expect, and really listned to our needs.

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