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"We had the best experience with Eat from start to fini..."

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We had the best experience with Eat from start to finish. First, they are the most professional caterers in Israel, from their presentation and tasty, the day of the wedding itself, they were extremely well-organized, courteous and were onlly interested in pleasing us and the our guests. And their prices are very reasonable. הצג עוד  
אהבתי: The food was AMAZING!!!! A week after the wedding, our guests are still talking about how delicious the food was. In fact, many guests told us that the food was even better then they would expect to find in restaurants! Our guests are talking more about the ravioli , fish, hour d'ouvres and dersserts more than the calla's dress ;) Also, they specially prepared the chatan and calla a very nice, special meal before our guests began to arrive. We loved everything about Eat, the fresh, delicious food, their professionalism.

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