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"Talya is the BEST wedding photographer. The photos sh..."

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Talya is the BEST wedding photographer. The photos she took from our wedding are beautiful, intimate, romantic, special, breathtaking and fun. In fact, our "problem" is that there are too many incredible pictures to choose from. She captured so many moments of our special day that would have been ...forgotten, if it were not for her incredible talent and eye for detail. On top of the hundreds and hundreds of incredible photos, working with Talya was great. She is the coolest and was super professional. She was really attentive to everything we wanted, the mood we wanted to capture, etc., and always had her own great ideas. And she was so friendly, everyone was so relaxed around her. AND her prices are very reasonable, for such a professional photographer, I would have expected to pay so much more.

Selecting a wedding photographer is one of the most important details of the wedding, because your guests may forget in a year how good or bad the food was, etc., but the photos will last for generations.

I am so grateful to Talya for capturing our special day and making us look SO good!!! These photos will be treasured in our family for a very long time. Talya is the BEST!!! I recomend her so highly!!!
Her incredible eye for detail, capturing the mood of the wedding that we really wanted, and making us loo good!! We really wanted unique photos in addition to tradional wedding photos, and she was able to capture both and more. The day of the wedding, Talya met with us hours before it started to take pictures of the preparations, then spent another 3 hours at 3 other locations that we chose and took unique and candid photos. Then she personally drove us to the wedding venue where she took more great shots with us, our family and friends. And Talya really knows how to play with lighting, depth of field, black and white shots, and color saturation to produce some gorgeous shots.

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