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"I can't not begin by saying that Maya B rocked our p-a..."

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100 / 100

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I can't not begin by saying that Maya B rocked our p-a-r-t-y. Of-course, it was love at first sight, not solely for the fact that my name is also Maya B.. but simply because she delivered and made our party!Since we live in New York, we had to plan our wedding from distance. When I first picked up t...he phone to call Maya, I immediately knew that we have an understanding about how things should play out... so we sent our siblings to meet and sort our doubts. We now understand why all 3 of them came back with a unanimous decision to hire Maya to play at our wedding, she has a very cool personality - laid back and professional. Even from distance, Maya was accessible at all times, and we appreciated that. The music selection was perfect, she took our suggestions and worked very well from there... people were dancing all night, and she was SO good at reading the crowd! In such an emotional/busy/fun night we really appreciated the fact that she was so on top of things. The music was not cheesy, high energy, fun. Maya is the utmost professional and we highly recommend her. A+ עוד  
Our chupa song, which Maya suggested - simply perfect.
No such thing!
Worth every penny

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