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"Colin was the biggest surprise of our night, and we re..."

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Colin was the biggest surprise of our night, and we received the *most* compliments about the food that was served at our wedding!From the very first minute, Colin himself was there to make sure everything was perfect along with Hadas, his manager. Their demeanor was calm and collected throughout th...e night, and they executed everything in the utmost professional manner. We totally trusted them to take care of everything, from placement cards to flowers arrangement... and they certainly did not disappoint. Moreover, they gave us a sense of confidence, and we found ourselves asking for advise about many other things that involved the wedding planing, but which were not necessarily related to them, because they were just so honest (needless to say that we found this to be a rare quality in the Israeli wedding 'scene'). I must add, that the servers were exceptionally friendly and kind, and everyone met with our very high expectations. Most importantly, the food was incredible, and people just couldn't believe how good, tasteful, unique, and fresh it was. The hor’dervres were awesome, and the dinner was simply delicious. The top 'of the cherry' was quite literally, the deserts, and the candies that we served until the party ended. עוד  
When we left the party, we were SO happy to find doggy bags with some left overs that Colin left for us, so we had wedding food for rest of the week :)
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Very reasonably priced!

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