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"I think music is one of the 2 most import things in a ..."

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100 / 100

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I think music is one of the 2 most import things in a wedding (the other one is good food), so finding the right DJ was extremely important for us.
We loved Maya from the first moment we met her. She really takes the time to get to understand your taste in music and will make sure to play the ...perfect song at any moment during the wedding. I am Dutch and my husband Israeli and Maya made sure that she played music that we both really loved, even though it was not what you would expect at a standard Israeli wedding.
If you want your wedding to be a guaranteed success, make sure to take Maya B as your DJ. She's is without a doubt the very best in the business!!!
Maya asked us for a list of songs to play at the kabalat paniem and it was so nice to hear all our favorite songs coming by combined with the songs she chose (which went perfect with our choices)
We received a disc with the songs from our wedding which ,when listening to it, brought back all the great memories from the day.
We had so much fun dancing that the wedding ended way too quick
Worth every shekel

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