We got married on the Friday the 8th October at Mul HaSade. As we had ...

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We got married on the Friday the 8th October at Mul HaSade. As we had a relatively small wedding (160 adults +30 kids) we looked for a smaller and more intimate place. We planned to have the kabalat paniem and chuppa outside and the food and dancing inside. half way during the kabalat paniem it started raining real hard (1st rain of the year) so everything had to be moved inside. The employees of Mul HaSade were extremely professional in handling this and the festivities did not suffer at all.Everyone who works there, works with a smile on their face and you can tell that people are happy working in MulHaSade. The staff is very friendly and helpful and Tom (the event manager) really understands how important a wedding for a couple. She did her very best to make things as pretty and special for us as possible. For the food we used Tznobar catering and is was outstanding! All the guests talked about how good the food was and we even sat down and had lunch ourselves! We had a magical day and enjoyed every second of it.
לא אהבתי אצל העסק: The way the cocktails were presented. I think most guests didn't realize we had any. The fact that there weren't wine glasses on the tables, but only lemonade glasses.
מחיר: 244 ₪
הערות למחיר: Including service, tax, drinks and extra main course
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