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"WOW!! I'm not even sure where to start.. the loving tr..."

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WOW!! I'm not even sure where to start.. the loving treatment.. the smile, the caring, understanding, open mind, HIGH QUALITY work, amazing fabrics like no where else, attractive and fair pricing, availability, willingness, and amazing vibes in her intimate salon!! I live in California and arrived i...n Israel 2 weeks before my wedding and already knew I'm going to work with Shosh. I was a little bit nervous about making my dress from scratch in such a a short time, but Shosh always assured me that she will make it happen for me!! And she truly did!! The dress was created to my body from beginning to end.. lots and lots of details and Shosh was always listening to my opinions and dilemmas, giving her honest and very professional opinion along with hearing me and feeling into what my dream dress should be like (even if in some moment I didn't know what I want, she was extremely supportive and never lost her patiance with me!! which is greatly appriciated!! I myself make cloths.. so I know quality when I see it.. and Shosh was giving me the space to change my mind and adjust the design even if she was working with very limited time frame. The wedding was on a monday, and I needed to pick up the dress on Sunday as we were all staying in Dan Keisaria hotel the day before the wedding. On thursday after my last fitting appointment I called Shosh and said that I would like to add something to the dress... believe it or not.. she took it HOME that WEEKEND and worked on it until it was EXACTLY what I wanted.. And SOOOOO much more!!!! (she didn't tell me she did that.. I heard it from my mom only after the wedding). I really wanted a light weight, comfortable and chic dress, with a lacy vintage feel, and still a fashionable cut. Couldn't be happier!! Shosh totally Got what I was going for and made it happen!! I feel like I can't thank Shosh enough for all the love she put into my dress. I felt like a daughter to her and that she cared about any little thing I said. Even reading between the lines and understanding better than me what I wanted!!!! Now that's a professional!!!!!! When my man saw me walking down the aisle I could truly see the amazement in his eyes. He told me later that he couldn't imagine me in a prettier dress. My cousins and friends said it was the MOST beautiful wedding dress they have ever seen! For real!! And I'm already asked for Shosh's phone number!! And I am soooooooo happy to give it!!! :)THANK YOU GORGEOUS SHOSH FOR CREATING MY DREAM DRESS!!! It's beyond anything I could have imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ עוד  
LOVED Shosh!! A truthful, genuine person, with lots of love to give! With a good and tasteful sense of fashion and a professionalism that goes the extra mile to make you the happiest and most beautiful you can feel on this special day!! AMAZING fabrics!!! **Fair and reasonable pricing. **** Shosh TRULY cares** A++++++++ stitching and workShosh is always very calm and VERY available!! ** She give 200% attention to your heart and details!!Fashion fashion fashion!! She knows what's up!!! **The SMILE :) **
7,500 ₪

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