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"Sweetest dearest Dalia!! I can't thank you enough for ..."

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Sweetest dearest Dalia!! I can't thank you enough for the AMAZING makeup job you did for me on my wedding day!!! I was so nervous to wear makeup, as I n...ever do in my daily life.. but Dalia totally tuned in to what I wanted and needed and did a beautiful natural job. 2 months later and I'm looking at the photos with so much gratitud for Dalia's patience and professionalism! She really took the time to work with me and feel for what would make me the happiest. And that's soooo truly important!! For someone who never feel comfortable in makeup- I really couldn't be happier!! I LOVE how I looked! Dalia helped me feel beautiful, natural and yet more unique on my wedding day! She enhanced the right spots with so much care and style.. her gentle brush did the job perfectly! And all in just few minutes! Ha! ;) She is obviously very experienced, and even more important cares and understand a lot about women true natural beauty. Which means a lot to me. THANK YOU Soooo Much Dalia!! You ROCKED it!! :) הצג עוד  
אהבתי: That Dalia was extremely fast!! And that she knew when a bit more is better than less, even if I couldn't see it at first. In the photos I look just almost without makeup, yet, very different and more glamourous then in daily. Just right!
לא אהבתי: nothing!
מחיר: 950 ₪

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