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"Maya was truly exceptional, and by far the one vendor ..."

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Maya was truly exceptional, and by far the one vendor "sapak" throughout our entire wedding planning process who was the easiest to work with. We rec...eived a recommendation to meet her from someone at our reception venue and were VERY impressed. Still, since she was the first DJ we met, and I research everything I do, we went to a big well known DJ company after (Kaliente). Ten minutes into our meeting at this company, we knew that Maya was worlds above and called her the next day to close. Her professionalism is second to none, and her genuine passion for both music and creating a one of a kind event truly suited to her clients is incredible. As someone who just got married a couple weeks ago, I can say that there were many instances of headache throughout the planning process, and finding someone like Maya who is such a pleasure to work with and is SO talented was really a blessing. She helped create an event that was both elegant and a lot of fun, and that was totally us. In addition to the ideas we came with, her knowledge and passion for all types of music is outstanding, which really contributed to a unique event. She cared about us as people, and went above and beyond in all aspects of helping us plan and in the event itself. הצג עוד  
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