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"She did a beautiful cake, and it was absolutely delici..."

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100 / 100

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She did a beautiful cake, and it was absolutely delicious. I gave Anat a photo of a cake that I wanted, and it did not turn out exactly as in the photo (which should be expected...things done by hand are never exact,which is part of the beauty of it), but it was still gorgeous. We got so many comp...liments! The cake had original flavors, and everyone loved it. Plus, ArtCake was easy to work with, which is a big plus in wedding planning. We had a lot of Americans at our wedding who are used to extravagant wedding cakes, and even they complemented the cake and the flavors/ עוד  
How easy they were to works with. The flavors in the cake! I am obsessed with their coconut cake and chocolate icing!

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