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"Loved every minute and definitely NO REGRETS! when i s..."

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Loved every minute and definitely NO REGRETS! when i started looking for a photographer, i was completely dumbfounded regarding it. i swear i could have... gone crazy since i had no clue where to start. My friend mentioned ROI BITAN. i went on his Facebook ,and it was love at first pic. seriously. after our first meeting, my fiance and i felt comfortable with him and wanted him. match made in heaven. We had a budget ,like every couple , and he was a bit over a budget, but he is worth every penny (shekel ;-) .) i think pictures is definitely worth going over the budget, since those r your memories. We even took TRASH THE DRESS .
AWESOME STORY...during the TRASH photo shoot, our generator and smoke machine broke (our fault) and ROI BITAN compensated us with a second photo shoot, on his behalf to ensure that we were satisfied customers..
During the wedding ceremony, many came up to us and asked us /complimented us about our photographer.
My husband and i are completely satisfied.
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אהבתי: His professionalism, his patience, kindness, and stamina to cope with all the drama
לא אהבתי: i dont have a complaint. i know it sounds "KITCH" but its true.

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