The place is beautiful and the food is great! i had a wedding on a ...

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The place is beautiful and the food is great! i had a wedding on a Thursday, and there was a second event being held on the same night. i was honestly skeptical about 2 events in 1 night, but i honestly didn't feel the other wedding at all! we took the bigger hall, 500 guests and our ceremony started at 9. didn't feel the other wedding at all. The food was great and the managers were sympathetic and sweet. really. anything we needed, they catered to it. The guests gave us tremendous feedback regarding the beautiful garden and food. The only true complaint we have is with the designer HAGIT. awful. We met with her twice,and she still didn't get the message. EVEN THOUGH SHE WROTE IT DOWN!!!FIRST, all i wanted was candles since im not into the chandelier ....she tried to over charge me for "standard" design because the hall changed its standard and she would have to buy more. i was willing to pay. BUT when we told her it was way to expensive, she started giving bullshit excuses about the candles and why they're so expensive. i don't like it when im feeling scammed. . secondly, we agreed a SPECIFIC design regarding the hupa (she wrote it down )...NO CHANDELIERS AND SOME LEAVES COMING DOWN THE HUPPA WALLS. i ended up having 2 chandeliers and no leaves (unapproved ). i shrugged it off since it was my wedding and these things are too petty to let it ruin MY night, but u better believe i was aggravated . AND WE DIDNT PAY HER A DIME DUE TO THIS MISTAKE. ..
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