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"So I met Orr Zahavi about a year and a half ago at my ..."

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So I met Orr Zahavi about a year and a half ago at my best friends wedding. I knew pretty much right away that I would want him for my wedding photographer, and I was not disappointed. Orr is so professional, so friendly and its amazing! When my husband and I went to our first meeting with him he so thorough about every part of the wedding and gave us ideas and tips on things for the wedding day. Then the day of the wedding came and I couldn't have been happier with Orr. It was like there were 5 of him getting everything done on time, directing me and my husband whenever it was needed, and making us laugh the whole way through. And let me tell you brides to be, on the day of your wedding, you will be a scatter brains! Its just how it is. And Orr was there helping and reminding and making sure we got every photo that we wanted and many more photos that we didn't think of and are now laughing our butts off at them and thankful that Orr thought to take the picture in the first place. He was so thoughtful (he brought a thermos with tea so we would not get cold during the outdoor shooting) and he even gave us a ride to the venue when our car broke down out of the blue! So ladies and gentleman if you want some one who will give you not only amazing photos but a comfortable relaxing funny time as well, Choose Orr Zahavi!
Another thing I would like to mention is that for our videographer I took the amazing Tazchi Asher and for our DJ the incredible Itamar Geva. This trio RULES! they work so well together it will bring your event into one of those amazing parties. All my guests rung me after the wedding saying how wonderful out photographer and videographer were, and that the music that was played at the wedding was top notch! Believe me I would like to say that I had something to do with that but it is all them. they work great together and I highly recommend any and all of them! :)

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