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"Let me begin by saying what an amazing choice my husba..."

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Let me begin by saying what an amazing choice my husband and I made when choosing Itamar Geva to be our DJ. Originally we had seen him in action at a fr...iends wedding and were amazed by him already then.
When we got engaged he was the first DJ we went to see and I have to admit, after that first meeting we didn't go to see anyone else. He is so organized in his first meeting with you, really getting into the likes and dislikes of the couple. He was such a big help giving us advice and suggestions about everything from music to the best way to set up our dance floor. He made us feel so at ease and really turned something that could have been hard, into something easy and fun.
The day of the wedding as the music was amazing and flowed so wonderfully, whether it was the reception, dinner, or the dance floor. He just knows how to get the party started and to keep it going! My husband and I danced the WHOLE wedding, the music and vibe were that good!
He even gave us a disk with all the music from the wedding, something that we have enjoyed so many times over.
So for all you other couples out there, we highly recommend taking Itamar Geva as your DJ. You will not regret it! He is truly one of the best we have ever heard.

Newly weds,
Rachel and Dima
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