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"After looking at almost 15 wedding venues, I felt like..."

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After looking at almost 15 wedding venues, I felt like I could finally stop the search when we found Tzel Hadumim. The place itself is breathtakingly be...autiful, and the people that work there are different from any other venue. They genuinely seem like they love their job and want to do everything to make couples happy and confident about the “big day.” From start to finish, the service was helpful, calm, and easy to work with. They helped with small details and big decisions. The day of went smoothly and seemed to flow without much effort from us. Almost two weeks later and many people are still telling us what a fun and special wedding it was. הצג עוד  
אהבתי: The garden itself is so beautiful and the huppa is gorgeous, even without a lot of additional decorations. The staff was wonderful to work with from beginning to end. The great part is that even though they have a designer on hand, they are also ok with couples bringing in their own decorations (like flowers). We saved a lot of money by doing the centerpieces with a local florist.
לא אהבתי: There were many managers for the event, which seemed a bit unnecessary. It would also have been helpful to know exactly who arrived (although this might be an issue with the iPlan management system).
מחיר: 292 ₪

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ZIGNMORE DJ'S - נדב זיגלמן
ZIGNMORE DJ'S - נדב זיגלמן
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