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"Luca is a magical place where we had the perfect weddi..."

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Luca is a magical place where we had the perfect wedding. Its so beautiful and elegant and has an amazing atmosphere. The food was incredible and we had... so much feedback from our guests that said its the best food they had at a wedding. The open kitchen concept is wonderful and unique and left a big impression on us and the guests. The wine room is a nice addition and many guests really enjoyed it. The people who work there are like family, very friendly and helpful, Alon who closed the deal with us, Keren operations manager who helped us with seating arrangements and other admin stuff and Yair the event manager who did everything to make the wedding run smoothly. (and it did perfectly) Moreno who is managing the projector and technical stuff did also a wonderful job. We had many guests from abroad (8 countries) who were really impressed by the venue and food we had a perfect event and i can't be happier that it was in Luca :) Thank you Luca! הצג עוד  
תאריך קבלת השירות: 03/04/16
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