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"We got married in Luca and Zemel designs is one of the..."

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We got married in Luca and Zemel designs is one of their suppliers (one of 8). From the first meeting i understood that they are something special. They... really listened to what i wanted and what my taste is like and offered very beautiful and creative solutions. i really like blue and Lior offered to make a blue path to the chuppah which looked so beautiful and made me feel very special. The venue was also decorated with blue flowers and lots of lights just the way i wanted. A lot of the guests told me afterwards that they noticed the decorations and really loved them. I had my doubts about spending so much money on decor but at the end it really does make a difference and gives more of the atmosphere to the place. Its definitely money worth spending. Zemel designs is a great company and really did their best to make my wedding look unforgetable הצג עוד  
תאריך קבלת השירות: 03/04/16
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