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"Lana is an incredible makeup artist and I feel blessed..."

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Lana is an incredible makeup artist and I feel blessed to have found her all the way from London! I could not have found a more experienced, flexible and personable artist to be with me on the morning of my wedding. After chatting several times on WhatsApp and once on the phone, Lana managed to magi...c up an absolutely perfect look for me which still doesn’t stop getting compliments from guests and anyone who has seen the photos. Lana arrived in the morning ready to tackle my two bridesmaids, myself, my mom and my other in law. She was energetic, friendly and incredibly calm which helped with my nerves on the day. Lana created a bespoke look for each person with high attention to our tastes, face shapes, and requests and even made adjustments as she went along if there was anything we wanted changed. Even without meeting her before, I felt comfortable and in the best hands. When I saw myself in the mirror, I couldn’t believe how beautiful I looked. The look was so well executed and every little detail was perfectly applied, and I’d never felt more beautiful. My makeup stayed in the heat of the photoshoot, through the reception, ceremony, food and dancing. Lana gave me a touchup kit but I didn’t have to use it once! I even looked good at 3am after sweating on the dance floor. I recommend Lana highly to anyone and could not be happier with my choice of makeup artist. If you’re considering hiring Lana, grab her while you can! עוד  
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