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"Shani is an incredibly professional and impossibly swe..."

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Shani is an incredibly professional and impossibly sweet hair stylist and artist who made my wedding day preparations a joy. Shani’s biggest strengths are her versatility, experience and personal touch. I live in London and found Shani online through her well-deserved recommendations. We communicate...d via WhatsApp and went over mood boards and ideas for hair together, and she arrived to my hotel room on the wedding day without ever having met me only to create an incredible hairdo that fit exactly what I had hoped and more! Not only that - the hair stayed put exactly how she designed it throughout a photoshoot in the heat, the reception, ceremony, and copious dancing. My two bridesmaids, mother in law, my own mother and the groom also had their hair done by Shani and absolutely loved her professionalism and kind spirits. She was able to adjust to everyone’s tastes and preferences and advise on what would suit us best. My mom kept her hair for two days after the wedding. We both have hair that usually doesn’t curl well and I didn’t have high hopes for my desired waves staying put but I was shocked to find out Shani could do it. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again and again and recommend her highly! Don’t look any further, you won’t find better than her. עוד  
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